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I Have A Dream…

It may not be as big as Martin Luther King’s or John F. Kennedy’s, but I have a pretty big dream too. I’m a software developer with a love for Science and I get a big kick out of sharing science with others, especially children.

I’m in the final stages of making my dream a reality, my legacy if you will. Thanks to some like-minded people, we’re about to turn an old warehouse into a dedicated education centre. Complete with dinosaurs, a planetarium, coding & science clubs, 3D printing and even robot building – not bad for a rural town eh?

If you share the same vision as me, please get in touch – we need all the help we can get and just imagine what we can all achieve working together!

I hope you enjoy the site and will come visit us at the Dorset Science & Technology Centre soon.

Chris Ryu
Founder & Coding Ambassador

Activity At The Centre

  • Science & Coding Clubs
  • 3D Planetarium
  • Adult Computer Lessons
  • Educational Store
  • Robot building
  • Dinosaur Models
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Astronomy evenings
  • Space Zone
  • Green screen studio
  • 3D Printing
  • Electronics

Christmas Activity Week

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