Atom Club Launch Brought Forward

Atom Club Launch Brought Forward

We’ve been inspired by UK astronaut Major Tim Peake and have brought our launch forward to coincide with his launch into space.

On 15th December at 11:03 (GMT), Tim will blast off from a launch site in Kazakhstan on a Russian Soyuz rocket for a 171 day mission on the International Space Station. He’ll be the first UK astronaut to live on the ISS and this will be the 6th longest ESA (European Space Agency) mission.

His mission has a special focus on education and Tim has an exciting programme of activity to increase children’s interest in science. Reading some of the plans, it’s clear that he is going to be an inspiration to much of the UK. What better time to launch the club than the same day as Tim begins his incredible adventure!

We’ll be reporting on Tim’s mission over the course of his time in space, but the launch is being shown on BBC1, so please tune in and show your support. The higher the ratings, the more chance we have of the BBC showing more coverage of our ESA missions and the greater the chance of them inspiring the next generation.

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