This isn’t Atom Club related, but it’s one of my favourite shows, so I wanted to share some thoughts that I have every single year. It bugs me that every year they carefully select candidates that fit the same exact outdated stereotypes. Try and find all 25 this year: Woman with a strong accent Accountant […]

Atom Club have teamed up with our friends at Marnhull Baby & Toddlers to put on a children’s tent at Marnhull Fest 2018 this weekend! The weather is looking like it’s going to be amazing, so we’ve managed to get access to electric to run some fans in the attempt to keep the marquee as […]

Wow! This month has flown! Newton still has some frustrating moments, but he is like a completely different bird to when we collected him. He’s now very happy to come out of his cage and explore the house and the centre. He comes in most days and will fly in between his perches, cage and […]

The day has finally come for Newton to make his first visit to the centre. We brought him in at the weekend and were expecting visitors, so it’d be a good chance for him to explore, but to also get used to there being people around. I’m pleased to say that it went even better […]

After having two “breeders” trying to con us out of money and seeing several baby African Greys that were clearly bred just for the price tag they attract, I received a refreshing call at the weekend. A couple in Devon are looking for someone to adopt their 5 year old grey called Sid. He talks, […]

When we were planning the centre, we envisaged having an office pet. We knew we wanted something our students could interact with, but really couldn’t decide what. As a family of animal lovers, we’ve had experience with all kinds of exotic and unusual pets – from birds to lizards, even marine fish and corals. Friends […]

As you probably know, we competed in Virgin Media’s VOOM 2018 competition. Thanks to the support of our followers, robot combat community and a lot of facebook advertising, we were in the top 40! So off I went yesterday on the 5-hour drive to Manchester to pitch to the panel of judges. Firstly, I’d like […]

A year ago we were just a few votes from going through to the finals and pitching to Sir Richard Branson and we had nothing but a dream. Now we have an already amazing centre and are so close to having all exhibits open. Help us take it all the way to Richard this year! Our […]

Atom Club is no longer trading - Check out our friends at Dorset Tech who have taken over the centre