Atom Club On Tour: National Space Centre

Atom Club On Tour: National Space Centre

I’ve written about the space centre before, so no big surprise that I loved our visit there!

Top tip: get there for opening time – this allows for easy parking and much less queuing. We always go straight to the planetarium, then the ‘tranquillity base’ zone and that works well. There’s plenty to do at the centre for all ages and the Patrick Moore Planetarium is second to none.

Among their exhibits you will see a Mars Rover like the one we’re building, a mock-up on one of the ISS sections, 4D simulator, 2 large rockets and so much more. You’ll see plenty of reviews saying how overpriced the centre is and perhaps it is a touch, but I feel it’s worth it and if you’re interested in space then so will you.

For more details on the space centre, visit their new website:

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