Author: Chris Ryu

An unlikely place for Atom Club to visit, but a warm welcome. We’d barely stepped out the van before being approached by someone asking to book us for a talk! I’ve never been to the cathedral before, so was taken back by its remarkable architecture and art. A great church leavers service for all the […]

Well our twitter followers had their say and the chick is called Mrs McNugget! Having only spent time with humans, a cat and a dog so far she is obviously very tame. Open her box and she’ll fly (yes she can fly now) onto the ledge. She’s quite happy to sit on your lap, or […]

I’ve written about the space centre before, so no big surprise that I loved our visit there! Top tip: get there for opening time – this allows for easy parking and much less queuing. We always go straight to the planetarium, then the ‘tranquillity base’ zone and that works well. There’s plenty to do at […]

The first stop on our tour around the UK science centres started with Techniquest in Cardiff. Despite being the school holidays, the team were very welcoming and are even trying to sort us out with some small exhibits for the centre – what lovely people. I’ve never been to Techniquest before, so didn’t really know […]

Leaving the centre door open wasn’t our best move this morning! This little bird flew in and had us chasing it around the office while it left ‘presents’ along the way! Luke (or Mr Miyagi as he’s now known) managed to catch the little sweet thing and in the end it really didn’t want to […]

The first chick has hatched! We woke up to a small pip hole on one of the eggs and just over 10 hours later, this little chick had managed to break out of the egg. He/She is clearly exhausted, so is resting a lot right now, but we’ll try and get some better pictures once […]

The eggs are pretty much filled with baby chick now and so it’s very hard to see anything when candling. You can see the air sack developing nicely though. Sadly, one of the embryos stopped developing this week, so we’re down to 2 ‘good eggs’. We’re not really impressed with this incubator as the humidity […]

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