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Atom Club have teamed up with our friends at Marnhull Baby & Toddlers to put on a children’s tent at Marnhull Fest 2018 this weekend! The weather is looking like it’s going to be amazing, so we’ve managed to get access to electric to run some fans in the attempt to keep the marquee as […]

When we were planning the centre, we envisaged having an office pet. We knew we wanted something our students could interact with, but really couldn’t decide what. As a family of animal lovers, we’ve had experience with all kinds of exotic and unusual pets – from birds to lizards, even marine fish and corals. Friends […]

Happy Christmas from the Atom Club team! It’s been a busy year and the progress has been amazing! In the last few months, we’ve completed the Technology Zone, green screen, shop, new website, app (launching soon) and engineering zone. The planetarium dome is now built and ready to cover. We’ve planned the robot building activities […]

Atom Club is no longer trading - Check out our friends at Dorset Tech who have taken over the centre