Engineering Zone

The Engineering Zone is now open!

The Engineering Zone is in the neighbouring warehouse offering 1,500sqft of inspiration! We’re just finishing up this Robot Wars Themed zone, but it is already packed full of STEM!

We’ll be updating this page over coming months as activities start to be booked in the zone.

Dorset Maker Space

What better way to encourage children to become engineers than to help them build the things of their dreams. Coupled with the 3D design software in our Tech Zone (Sponsored by VOIP Unlimited), the students can design their inventions and then build them. With tools and equipment ranging from a 3D printer, to a laser cutter, there is no end to what they can create.

Dorset Robot Wars

Our surveys show that Robot Wars is the second most inspirational subject for children, behind space travel. We’ve embraced that and themed the zone like the Robot Wars arena! We managed to source a few combat scarred panels from your favourite competitors and are in talks with a couple of teams about giving talks at the centre.

Dorset Robot Championship 2018 – More Info Soon!

Real Engineering Skills

With a complete set of tools and new workbenches, our volunteers can teach a large range of real life engineering skills. Equipment highlights include:

  • Laser cutter/engraver
  • Soldering station
  • DC Power station
  • Bench drill
  • Power tools
  • 3D Printer

Sponsored by Rubicon Recruitment Group

Engineering recruitment specialists Rubicon, based in Poole are combating the national skills shortage by sponsoring the Engineering Zone at the Dorset Science & Technology Centre.

For more information on Rubicon, visit

Atom Club is no longer trading - Check out our friends at Dorset Tech who have taken over the centre