Sponsorship Opportunities

Does your company want to support our Science & Technology Centre?  Place your logo in front of our visitors! Current sponsors include; Santander, Just Act!, Dorset County Council and The Honest Agency.

Here is just a selection of items that we need to find funding for. All items include your logo at the centre, on our website, our upcoming app and we’ll post about you on our growing social media accounts. Press releases are encouraged!

Item Description Cost Status Notes
Space Zone – £POA
Mission to Mars Simulator £300 Available  Part-built
Rocket Launching Exhibit £800 Available
Planetarium £3,000 Available
Sputnik Exhibit £100 Available
Soyuz Capsule Exhibit On hold TBC On Hold
Saturn V Exhibit £500 Available
Technology Zone – Taken
Dinosaur Zone
Dinosaur Egg Models £30 One left
Artefacts £200 More needed
AR Sandbox Interactive sandpit teaching topology and paleontology £250 Available Partially built
Big Pre-historic Bird £250 Available
Decorations Paint, fake vines, trees, etc £200 Available
3ft Stegosarus £350 Available
Giant T-Rex Head (wall mounted) £550 Available
Giant Pterodactyl £600 Available
7ft Brachiosaurus £1,250 Available
Giant Triceratops £2,500 Available
Giant T-Rex Model £5,000 Available
Engineering Zone – Taken
Robot Fighting Arena £500 Available Nearly complete
Vacuum chamber  On hold for phase 2 TBC On hold
Stone Dinosaur Models for the Stairs TBC Available
Mass Launch Exhibit £80 Available
Telescopes One telescope for our group telescope sessions £150 Available
Tables and chairs £500 Available
Visitor Coffee Machine While parents wait, for longer sessions £200 Available
Fund an exhibit Loads of options here £100 Available
Electronics Kits £150 Available

To sponsor an item above (or suggest a new item), please contact Chris on 01258 808577, chris@atom.club or donate via the following Paypal button.