Hatchimals In Stock! Win one of four available before Christmas

Hatchimals In Stock! Win one of four available before Christmas

Exciting news! We have Spinmaster Hatchimals in Stock! We wouldn’t normally stock them, but hey – I wanted one for my little girl and no way was I going to pay £130 for one on Ebay/Amazon. We have 4 available (1 pengualas, 3 Draggles), which was a great piece of work as practically every shop in the country is out of stock.

They cost us a little over the retail price unfortunately, so we’ll be selling them for £89.99 with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Instead of profits going to greedy Ebay sellers, it will go towards our fundraising campaign to open a Science & Technology Centre in Sturminster Newton, Dorset: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dorset-childrens-science-coding-centre

Before we release them for sale, we’d like to offer you the chance to win one!

Pledge, or share on our Crowdfunder campaign before noon on Sunday 4th December and you could win a Brand New Hatchimals Draggle, delivered on Tuesday 6th December. What’s more, when we get to 25% funded (£2,500), we’ll release another Hatchimal into the competition. If we get to 50% funded, we’ll release another Draggle and yes you guessed it – help us get to fully funded and we’ll give away all four!

How to win

On the afternoon of Sunday 4th December, we’ll judge who has been the most supportive of our campaign and that person, or those people if we’ve met our goals, will be sent the Hatchimal(s) signed-for delivery the next day.

Ideas for how to grab our attention and win the Hatchimals:

  • Pledge
  • Sharing on social media
  • Getting us press coverage
  • Getting an influencer to share on Twitter
  • Generally spreading the word about the campaign

We’ll review and drop hints as to what person(s) are winning throughout the competition.

If we don’t meet our targets by the 4th, we’ll still give away the eligible hatchimals, but the rest will go live on our store for £89.99.

Good luck and thank you for sharing in our goal.

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