Newton the Parrot: 1 Month Update

Newton the Parrot: 1 Month Update

Wow! This month has flown!

Newton still has some frustrating moments, but he is like a completely different bird to when we collected him. He’s now very happy to come out of his cage and explore the house and the centre. He comes in most days and will fly in between his perches, cage and backs of our chairs. He seems to have adapted to the new routine nicely and even helps me out by flying to his travel cage in the morning.

The biting has pretty much stopped, although he’ll sometimes bite when asking him to step up – even if he clearly wants you to pick him up! He did bite my shoulder this week when I wasn’t sharing enough of my lunch with him, but I’ll let him off!

Target training is great now, but we need to work on it a bit more in coming weeks for tricks that require the target to go behind him.

Not many new words, but he seems to be much more comfortable around us, so it’s only a matter of time.

I did some work trying to track down his history and actually found out that he is 10 years old, not 5/6 like I was told! Obviously I wasn’t best pleased to find that out, but it doesn’t really affect the way we treat him in anyway.

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