Newton’s First Day in the Office!

Newton’s First Day in the Office!

The day has finally come for Newton to make his first visit to the centre.

We brought him in at the weekend and were expecting visitors, so it’d be a good chance for him to explore, but to also get used to there being people around. I’m pleased to say that it went even better than expected!

The first few weeks of training have been hard. He’s very territorial and seems to find biting me for literally no reason to be a fun hobby. Perseverance and lots of treats have meant that it’s now very easy to get him out of his cage in the morning and with a bit of bribery I can get him to step up onto my hand.

He’ll still occasionally bite, but not tends to give me a warning, or just ‘nips’ rather than trying to draw blood. Our efforts to socialise him really worked and within a few minutes of people arriving, he was singing to them and allowing them to stroke his beak.

While there’s still a lot of training to do, he seems like a completely different bird now.

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