Planetarium construction started

Planetarium construction started

I’m pleased to announce that we have made a start on the planetarium.

The geodesic dome will be made out of lots of small triangles giving it high strength, but a relatively low cost. To buy a dome would have cost us £16,000 so there’s a huge incentive to doing this ourselves.

Chris started first by creating a 3D computer model of the dome. This ensures that it will fit with the warehouse roof structure and and provides measurements for the timber. I think Sturminster Building Supplies were probably wondering what on earth we could want all this timber for (55 lengths in total) and over 100 cuts later we have what just looks like a pile of fire wood!

The next stage is to drill all 140 pieces and screw in our hubs. This extra stage will allow us to disassemble the dome easily if we ever need to move it and even gives us a cost saving way of making the dome bigger in the future if we found a way around the roof supports of the warehouse.

We’ll document progress on this blog and we’re hoping to be able to show the first performances in January/February.

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