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2 x Baby Hatching Dinosaur Pet Toys – really grows


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Now back in stock! We recently sold out of these in record-breaking time. Now they’re back with a new and improved design. The shells now have a metallic effect with brighter colours.

Can’t get any real Hatchimals? I’m pleased to say we have another batch coming in soon…

In the meantime, why not buy one of these little dinosaurs that really hatch from their egg! Not only that, but they continue to grow in size for up to 5 days.

Simply place the egg in a small glass of water and it’ll start to hatch 12-24 hours later. Continue to top up the water when required. They’re normally fully grown in about 2 days.

The little dinosaur can be played with and will gradually shrink over time, but can be re-soaked in water to grow back to it’s “adult” size.

You’ll get 2 of these great toys (same colour).

Sure these toys don’t talk, or dance, but they’re so much cheaper and you can actually get these!

Egg size: 20x30mm.

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 2 cm

Orange, Pink, White, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red


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