Space Zone

The Space Zone is set to open early 2018

The Space Zone will be in the neighbouring warehouse offering 1,500sqft of inspiration! We already have a mobile planetarium, but plan on building a large fixed dome in the space zone.

We’ll be updating this page with exhibits as they’re finished, but planned exhibits include a rocket launching station, mars rover, interactive touchscreen globe, a moving solar system model and our display of space artefacts.

Space Artefacts

Here at the centre, we already have a great selection of meteorites and NASA artefacts including some rare pieces of Apollo history. Some items are actually for sale and there are some items that visitors can hold.

Mission to Mars Simulator

In this interactive exhibit visitors choose what cargo they would launch on their 2 year mission to Mars. Pack too much and the rocket won’t be able to take off, miss some of the essentials and your crew will become unwell.

Sponsor an exhibit!

Place your logo in front of our visitors by sponsoring an exhibit in the Space Zone. Prices start at just £60

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