Stereotype Bingo: BBC Apprentice 2018

Stereotype Bingo: BBC Apprentice 2018

This isn’t Atom Club related, but it’s one of my favourite shows, so I wanted to share some thoughts that I have every single year. It bugs me that every year they carefully select candidates that fit the same exact outdated stereotypes.

Try and find all 25 this year:

  1. Woman with a strong accent
  2. Accountant / Numbers person
  3. Camp guy
  4. Skinny awkward guy
  5. Someone that refers to self in 3rd person
  6. Token Black Person
  7. Flash Harry
  8. Cat lady
  9. Lawyer / Solicitor
  10. Nice Guy with glasses
  11. Katie Price!
  12. Daddy figure
  13. Hyper-animated person
  14. Fashion person
  15. IT person
  16. Hipster
  17. Ethnic Minority Male
  18. Ethnic Minority Female
  19. Aggressive/Bossy woman
  20. Cocky guy
  21. Beauty therapist / Model
  22. “Dumb Blonde” – male or female
  23. Some guy called Claude
  24. A harsh but fair lady called Karen
  25. A grumpy but inspirational man called Alan

Let us know how many you find!

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