Thank You

Our Sponsors

We’ll be updating this section with our latest exhibit sponsors soon, but in the meantime we’d like to highly the support of:

  • Santander
  • Dorset County Council
  • Just Act!

Special Thanks

We’ve always planned to have a thank you page on this site, listing volunteers, donors and supporters. However this is even more important now. For those that missed it, we’ve been competing in Virgin Media’s VOOM competition for a chance to pitch to Richard Branson for a share of £1m. We found out about Voom a little late and while we weren’t really ready, we thought we had to give it a shot!

The support we received from the local community was amazing! From local schools offering to put leaflets in school bags, to local clubs sharing us with their members. A huge thank you to everyone who helped, but here are just some people we’d like to highlight…

Crowdfunding Pledgers

From buying a discounted 3D Mars Rover, to pre-ordering an Atom Club subscription box – we really had it all. One pledger gets a special mention further down the page, but thanks to:

  • Kirstin Duffield
  • Jack Muirhead
  • Gregory Martin Harley
  • Lesley Ward
  • Sarah Watts
  • Andrew Dodd
  • Nick Chambers
  • Clive Donaghue
  • Geoff Stockley
  • Rachel Rosen
  • Gary Llewellyn
  • Bent Isachsen
  • Mark Broomhall
  • Nikki Willcocks
  • Lesley Ward

Special Supporters

We were shared by hundreds of people on their social media, but we felt that some deserved a special mention.

Planetarium Funding

The Honest Agency (our Sister Company) was kind enough to donate the projector and mirror system. They will shortly be buying us licenses for some great shows to demonstrate to the children. More information on The Honest Agency can be found over at:

Morning Data, a leading supplier of software and service solutions for the global insurance industry surprised us with a huge £1,000 pledge! This incredibly generous donation was the amount we were short for our 4m inflatable planetarium dome. The dome is being specially made for us right now and will be branded with ‘eNovus’ the name of Morning Data’s product. After a brief training period once it arrives, we’ll start taking it around schools in the south. More information about Morning Data and eNovus can be found at:

You’ll hear a lot more about these two companies in coming weeks…

Atom Club is no longer trading - Check out our friends at Dorset Tech who have taken over the centre