Tim Peake – Principia Launch Schedule

Tim Peake – Principia Launch Schedule

Here’s today’s launch schedule. UK Astronaut Major Tim Peake will be taking off at 11:03, but here is the full schedule.

5.30am – State commission gives go-ahead for launch

6.30am – Start of fuelling for Soyuz rocket

6:43am – Tim, Tim and Yuri put on their Sokol pressure suit they will wear during launch

8.23am – Bus ride to the launch site and farewell

8.00am – Fuelling of Soyuz rocket complete

8.33am – Astronauts enter their Soyuz spacecraft via a lift and then stairs

8:53am – Hatch to the Soyuz TMA-19M closes

9.18am – The Soyuz TMA-19M is pressurised and systems are checked

9.33am – Communications open with mission control

10.03am – Launch pad evacuated

10.15am – Soyuz support structure lowered

10.30am – Emergency escape system armed

10.48am – Checks complete

10.57am – Countdown auto-sequence begins

10.58am – Transfer to on-board control, switch to pressure suit ventilation

11.02am – Soyuz rocket engine ignition

11.03am – Lift-off

11.13am – Soyuz spacecraft separates and is flying free

3.15pm – Approach to International Space Station begins

5.24pm – Docking

5.37pm – Docking hooks close

5.40pm – Pressure-check for leaks

6.25pm – Hatches open for greetings and safety briefing

7.10pm – Press conference and talk with family

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