We found an African Grey!

We found an African Grey!

After having two “breeders” trying to con us out of money and seeing several baby African Greys that were clearly bred just for the price tag they attract, I received a refreshing call at the weekend.

A couple in Devon are looking for someone to adopt their 5 year old grey called Sid. He talks, but no swear words. Not really trained or handled, so they’ll be some additional challenges, but you all know I like a challenge! He’s pretty much a caged bird (a small one at that), so he’ll need some socialising and may be territorial at first.

Update: I’m pleased to say that we hit it off and he was very happy to take treats through the bars. We loaded him in the van this morning and made the journey back to North Dorset. Sid (to be known as Newton) will stay in his old cage for at least a few days until he is comfortable being coaxed out. He is in deed very territorial, so the sooner we can get him into his new larger cage and out on his perches the better.

We’ll update you on progress soon…

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